Zombies & Vampires

Guaranteed to be a spine-chillingly good monster mash. Your little monsters will get the full supernatural experience: children will learn to apply their own gory special effects make-up, play zombie and vampire themed games, and a host of other spooky experiences. Best of all, they get to go home at the end of the party ready to freak out Mum and Dad!

Young zombies and vampires will embrace their inner monster at this Sense Theatre party, games will give the children the chance to defeat the vampires, hunt the zombies and play plenty of zombie and vampire themed games. We also teach the children how to apply their own special effects make up to really freak out brothers and sisters, Mum and Dads and everyone else the young Zombies and Vampires come across, perfect practice for Hallowe’en or fancy dress parties!

Our Zombie and Vampire party is great for boys and girls that love all things supernatural, spooky and want to indulge their inner monster! We do an hour of supernatural activities followed by a break for food before finishing off with a disco with dancing, party games and snow machine!