Witches & Wizards

If your child is a Harry Potter fan, or even just wants a little bit of magic on his or her birthday, then this is the party for them. Children will be whisked away to Hogwarts to discover their inner powers and cause some magical mayhem! We will provide the full Hogwarts experience: children will sorted into their houses, attend potions class, learn to cast spells, play witchy games, and generally have wicked time!

A Witches and Wizards party isn’t just for Hallowe’en, we’ll soon have the children cackling whatever the time of year! Young witches and wizards will get to raid our dressing up box of wizardly goodies before showing off their magical powers!

We do an hour of witches and wizard themed activities, followed by a break for food and then finish off with a disco with plenty of dancing, party games and the grand finale- our snow machine!