Secret Spies

CSI-PartiesSuper-sleuths required! There’s been a crime committed at the party and it’s down to the children to get to the bottom of the mystery. We´ll come along and set up the crime scene ready for the children to solve. As they take part in lots of fun games and activities, they will be searching for clues, taking fingerprints, questioning the party guests (and the adults too!), working together to help the Sense Theatre detective solve the crime!

At our CSI party everyone is a suspect! Your job- to prove your innocence! Easy? Not so easy when all of the games are there to catch you out. Sleuths will decide the murder weapon, the crime committed and ultimately figure out ‘who dun’it.’

Our CSI party is great fun for older children and is (as with all our parties) topped off with a disco with party games and lots of dancing!