pirateAhoy matey! Jump aboard the Jolly Roger and set sail on a swashbuckling pirate adventure. The perfect party experience for adventurous little boys and girls! Young pirates will get suited up in eye patches and pirate attire before embarking on a treacherous trip to find the buried treasure. This party mixes storytelling with games and activities as the children help the Captain (your party leader) to recover his pirate gold! The birthday girl or boy will be the Captain’s First Mate, providing the eyes and ears to the Captain, and making their special day all the more fun!

We combine a mixture of high energy games with quieter more focused games, all based around the idea of the pirates seeking out the treasure and the young shipmates (the children) lending a hand to help find the gold!

After an hour of pirate themed fun, the children will break for food and finally we’ll finish off the pirate party fun with a disco with dancing, disco lights, party games and the ever popular snow machine!