Circus Crazy

Roll up, roll up – the circus is in town to celebrate your child’s special day! The show’s ready to begin, except for one thing: the ringmaster needs more performers! Cue the children’s help and lots of fun at your child’s circusparty.

Sense Theatre will bring along all our circus equipment, from diablos to spinning plates, whirling ribbons and hula hoops, and the children will come home desperate to show off the quirky new circus tricks they have learnt!

We start with a range of fun and engaging circus themed games before launching into the children’s ‘training’ to become those circus stars the ringmaster so desperately needs! Our party leaders are exciting, patient and experienced children’s entertainers who will lead the children through their ‘training’ showing them that that everyone really can join the circus!

A Sense Theatre Circus Crazy Party is a fantastic alternative to a traditional party parents have described our circusparties as ‘fantastic,’ ‘truly engaging’ and ‘brilliant fun!’